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This feauture is available in Plain Tracker Pro.

We know that changes in the time cards happen all the time and that manually approving or disapproving time records for multiple workers can be time-consuming. That is why we have created a bulk action capability directly inside the time cards list. This option lets you approve multiple time cards. Or revoke approval.

Go to Plain Tracker > View time log.

Below the list of the time cards you will see the Bulk actions section. Depending on the current state of the cards displayed on the screen, there might be various options applicable to those time cards. For example, you can Approve submitted time cards or Revoke approval for previously approved time cards.

Bulk actions options for time cards.
Bulk actions options for time cards.

After clicking one the action links, you will get to the next screen where you will be able to select which time cards this action should be applied on. Only relevant time cards could be selected. For example, you can approve submitted time cards. If a time card is already approved, this action is not applicable.

Confirm selection of time cards to apply action.
Confirm selection of time cards to apply action.

Optionally you can provide your comment related to this action. This comment will be stored in the history of updates so you, other managers, or the time card's worker will be able to see your reasoning about the performed action.

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